RVA Board of Directors Strategy Day

RVA News

The Rare Voices Australia Board of Directors met for their annual Strategy Planning Day at the Board of Trustees meeting room in the Female Orphan School, University of Western Sydney, Parramatta Campus. The RVA Board are a very dedicated team of professionals whom many have a very personal connection with rare diseases. The Board was led by an independent facilitator revising and planning the RVA Strategy 2015-2018.The RVA Board has two new Board of Directors join recently; Ms Michelle Skinner and Dr Dominic Barnes.

The RVA Board meet by teleconference throughout the year progressing the work for RVA. Thank you to the RVA Board for their continued support and commitment to the Australian rare disease community. Congratulations to Board Chair; Vice Chancellor Barney Glover who has been appointed Chairman of Universities Australia.

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