Each year, Rare Voices Australia (RVA) coordinates an Education Program for RVA Partners and engages in wider based education activities as needed. RVA’s Education Program is tailored towards the needs of our RVA Partners and is delivered both online and via face-to-face events.

RVA’s 2020 Education Program

In 2020, RVA’s Speakers Program focused on encouraging key stakeholders in the sector to engage with the National Strategic Action Plan for Rare Diseases (the Action Plan). During five sessions, speakers provided education about rare diseases, the importance of the Action Plan and how the sector can use the policy document to drive implementation and change. RVA staff, members of the RVA Board and RVA’s Scientific & Medical Advisory Committee were among the speakers selected.

The Speakers Program:

  • Educated a range of rare disease stakeholders including rare disease organisations, clinicians and researchers about the Action Plan and how they can use the policy document to guide their work.
  • Provided tangible in-kind support and capacity for a range of conferences, meetings, and information sessions.
  • Assisted in facilitating effective working relationships and networking opportunities with the broader sector.