New Rare Disease Project ECHO® Workshop Sessions for Health Professionals


By popular demand, five additional Project ECHO® workshop sessions for health professionals have been announced. See the updated schedule and register to attend here.

Each session will cover a key skill for caring for people living with a rare disease. They will have an enhanced format that allows more time for practical case studies and discussion.

What is Rare Disease Project ECHO®?

Project ECHO® is a free, innovative video conferencing model that connects providers to the multidisciplinary Rare Disease Awareness, Education, Support and Training (RArEST) Project team. Workshop sessions are designed to equip health professionals with the right knowledge, at the right place and the right time.

The RArEST Project is a collaboration between Rare Voices Australia, the University of New South Wales, the University of Western Australia and Macquarie University. Learn more about the RArEST Project on this website page.

How participating in Rare Disease Project ECHO® benefits your practice

“Taking part in the Rare Diseases ECHO has provided highly valuable insights into the lived experience of patients with a rare disease. It has been a great way to connect with health professionals in different fields. As a GP I feel better equipped to understand and support the needs of patients living with rare diseases from the primary setting”. – Dr Gemma Ossolinski

  • Clinical care: support with diagnosis and management of rare diseases in your practice.
  • Knowledge: learn about the resources available to you and your patients across a range of topics.

How your practice community benefits from your participation in Rare Disease Project ECHO®

  • Health: create and engage with a multidisciplinary network of like-minded care providers to support patients living with a rare disease and their carers/families.
  • Access: establish referral pathways across Australia to reach subject matter experts for rare diseases. Gain access to a range of rare disease focused resources and training designed for health professionals.

Time commitment and cost

There are no costs involved. All sessions are delivered online via Zoom – see the schedule.

Format of sessions

To protect the privacy of patients featured in case studies, these sessions are not recorded. Joining live also maximises your opportunities to build relationships with other health professionals across Australia.

Continuing professional development (CPD) points

Many health professionals can use these sessions towards self-identified continuing professional development requirements.

These sessions are pending RACGP approval for 5 CPD Approved Activity hours.

How to join Rare Disease Project ECHO®

Register to attend the series.

Please email the RArEST Project team with any queries you may have about Project ECHO® or the RArEST Project: [email protected]

Schedule: Rare Disease Project ECHO® Workshop Sessions

Speakers will be confirmed soon.

Supporting patients before, during and after a rare disease diagnosisThursday, 27 July 20235-6pm6:30-7:30pm6:30-7:30pm7pm-8pm7pm-8pm
Rare disease patient communication and empowermentThursday, 24 August 20235-6pm6:30-7:30pm6:30-7:30pm7pm-8pm7pm-8pm
Supporting the whole family of people living with a rare diseaseThursday, 28 September 20235-6pm6:30-7:30pm6:30-7:30pm7pm-8pm7pm-8pm
Coordinating and connecting care for people living with a rare diseaseThursday, 26 October 20234-5pm6:30-7:30pm5:30-6:30pm6pm-7pm7pm-8pm
Innovative approaches to rare disease prevention and careThursday, 23 November 20234-5pm6:30-7:30pm5:30-6:30pm6pm-7pm7pm-8pm