Congratulations to Rare Voices Australia Scientific and Medical Advisory Committee Member Associate Professor Paul Lacaze!

RVA News

Associate Professor Paul Lacaze, Head of Public Health and Genomics at Monash University, and member of Rare Voices Australia’s Scientific and Medical Advisory Committee (SMAC), was recently awarded $3 million through the Medical Research Futures Fund – Genomics Health Futures Mission. His research, a DNA Screen national pilot study, has received national media attention, with high levels of interest from the general community. The project will offer preventative DNA screening to healthy young adults to look for genetic variants that increase their risk to particular rare hereditary diseases.

Associate Professor Lacaze’s research aligns with several key Priorities and Actions in the National Strategic Action Plan for Rare Diseases. In particular, Action 2.2.1 in the Care and Support Pillar, ‘Ensure all Australians have equitable access to a range of diagnostic tools and tests, providing the best chance of early and accurate diagnosis’. Investment in rare disease research and prevention measures are also key areas of importance highlighted in the Action Plan.

In December 2022, Professor Lacaze’s work was recognised in the Department of Health news. You can read the full article here.