Minister Agrees to Finding a Solution to the IEM Food Grant Cessation

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RVA shares MDDA, PKU NSW and HCU’s encouragement by the recent public comment made by Federal Minister Sussan Ley stating they intend to take responsibility for the cessation of the IEM food grant and rectify the situation soon.

The Minister says she “has developed a greater appreciation of the complexities of managing an IEM low protein diet and what it means to the affected individuals”. This has led to ongoing discussions between the MDDA and the Minister’s office and the current situation is that a number of government departments are looking at different options to ensure that people with IEMs have access to medical foods. Once these have been reviewed and agreed a consultation process involving MDDA, ASIEM and other relevant stakeholders will take place.

RVA supports the organisations and their members advocating for Health Minister Sussan Ley to reverse its decision.

Source: Metabolic Dietary Disorders Association.

NEWS UPDATE:  31st July 2015

Government to continue Inborn Error of Metabolism Programme

Click here to read the latest media release by Hon Sussan Ley, MP

Over the past month Hon Minister Sussan Ley has been speaking with patients, parents, representatives and parliamentary colleagues about the Inborn Error of Metabolism programme.  Following these conversations and additional evidence that each metabolic condition is different and requires a strict special diet, Minister has decided that those patients on the Inborn Error of Metabolism programme should continue to have access to the government subsidy into the future.

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