Fair for Rare Campaign

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Rare Voices Australia is advocating for people living with a rare disease to have equal access to safe, effective treatments and healthcare management in a coordinated and adequately resourced approach throughout the country.

The Fair for Rare Campaign enables people living with a rare disease to share their journey of living with their particular rare disease and to highlight the opportunities for us as a country to do better, and give them a ‘fair go’.

The Fair for Rare campaign aims to generate greater awareness for rare diseases in Australia and strengthen the common voice of people living with a rare disease. Fair for Rare will address rare diseases as a national challenge and promote as a national public health priority.

We know that the rare disease community extends beyond that of the patient and it is this groundswell support that is needed to achieve change; to achieve Fair for Rare’

The campaign is being steered by an enthusiastic and committed Working Group who have already done much work on refining the campaign logo and campaign activities. The rare disease community will be encouraged to participate in the Fair for Rare campaign – in a range of ways eg social media, Fair for Rare events, lobbying politicians. There will be many ways you can be involved – stay tuned!

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