Dean’s Story

When I was born, I was given a life expectancy of five. I’ve now just turned 40. In those 40 years I’ve lived with extreme chronic wounds. Wounds that I have no memory of ever not having. Wounds that pop up that are considered to be the most aggressive wounds that they’ve ever seen according to some of the experts.

Then I’ve got wounds that come and are with me for one week or two weeks, six months, 18 months, then heal only to leave fragile, weak skin to break down the second it’s all healed over and then go through the same process all over again. Heals and breaks open, just by the slightest touch or the slightest movement.

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I’ve got wounds that instantly stop me and make me re-evaluate my day-to-day normal activities and mean that some things will have to be put on hold until I can work around the problems. Chronic wounds are nothing unusual to me. I’ve lived with extreme chronic wounds my entire life.

My name is Dean Clifford and I’m an epidermolysis bullosa (EB) survivor.

Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) Awareness Week takes place from October 26-31. See RVA Partner, DEBRA Australia’s website for more information.