Belinda’s Story

Belinda has a partial chromosomal deletion and is known to be one of the few individuals with this deletion in the world. She is also on the autism spectrum and deals with many physical and intellectual disabilities, as well as mental health issues. Her life has been an arm wrestle due to the many complications that she has endured, but she has found inspiration through singing. Her music career has been a catalyst to improve her emotional wellbeing.

Due to Belinda’s many disabilities, including her physical disabilities, she does not have much physical stamina. As a result, she cannot perform songs for longer than 15 minutes (usually three songs) which most definitely hinders her music career. Her passion is music, performing for others and being in the spotlight, so it is a huge disadvantage for her to be unable to live her life to the fullest extent. This impacts her mental health as she cannot truly do all that she loves to do for however long she wants to.

Belinda’s quality of life would be improved through having access to a range of services, but particularly opportunities which help her develop important social roles. If Belinda were to actively participate in a career path that enables her to engage in social activity, she will find meaning, develop more self-esteem, and will feel she is contributing something useful to society. Belinda needs a purpose and as an extrovert would love to do something with other people. Ideally, Belinda would be offered some paid singing gigs and acting opportunities as she excels in both of these areas.

If you have a singing or acting opportunity that may be of interest to Belinda, please contact Rare Voices Australia with more information and we will pass on your message to Belinda.